Audiovox MobileTV Receiver

Audiovox MobileTV Receiver

The first wireless mobile TV receiver, Audiovox mobiletv is designed to bring live TV to iOS, Android and Kindle smartphones and tablets. Using the Audiovox mobiletv with Dyle TV app from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon app stores, the Audiovox mobiletv receiver will enable millions of Apple, Android and Kindle device users to watch live, local programming on their devices without the need for Internet or cellular connection. Check list of compatible mobile devices below, as well as the coverage map page to see if Dyle is available in your market.

Audiovox mobiletv offers the flexibility to expand your live TV viewing. The receiver works with iOS, Android and Kindle platforms so you have more choices on how you watch. And because the receiver is wireless and compact, you can place it where you get the best mobile TV reception. You can even carry it in your pocket or your bag. Battery life affords over 4 hours of TV viewing before having to charge the device.

Check to see which stations are available in your area. When the app scans for channels, make sure you’re getting all of the channels available to you. If you’re not, reposition the receiver and rescan. Repeat this process until you get the maximum number of stations for your market.

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